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Qingdao Cusp Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd.,  which was established in June 2008.  The company is situated in the "trolley town"---- JIAONAN CITY. The company adjacent to National Road 204, and only 30 kilometers apart from Qingdao Liuting International Airport, at the same time, Qinghuang expressway crisscross each other,  so road and water transportation is very convenient. The company has high-tech talent, high-quality technicians and high-quality products.
The company mainly manufacture and sale of wheel barrow, tyres, metal products, rubber products, plastic and aluminum products. 
Since the date of establishment, the company has been the principle of good faith,  in order to produce the best and most secure product concept,  so we can meet international market demand and customer needs.
Always put faith as the principle and produce the best and most secure products as concept, so we can meet the demand of international market and customer needs.